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Why are so many Instant Pot recipes bland?

Most Instant Pot recipes you see call for too much fluids. The creator of the recipe is simply following a stove-top recipe without making the necessary adaptation.

Most recipes that calls for more than 2 cups of water/broth/etc. for a 6 qt recipe, are bogus because all the meat and veg you put in your Instant Pot will release a lot of fluids. Adding more than 2 cups results in a very watery and bland product. Most of my recipes only use the minimum 1 cup needed to reach pressure.

The exception to this is  my Doukhobor Borshch recipe. It calls for half of the water from the stove-top version.

A good rule of thumb when converting a stove-top recipe to an Instant Pot recipe is to cut the amount of water/broth/etc. in half. And if you are cooking with lots of veg, including tomato, you can get away with adding less than the 1 cup minimum because those items will release a lot of fluids.

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