The Crip Up the Kitchen Cover Reveal

One year ago, on this date, I had “the call.” Today, CRIP UP THE KITCHEN: TOOLS, TIPS AND RECIPES FOR THE DISABLED COOK is off to the printer. And now I get to reveal to everyone the cover that tells the story of how I managed to make it through the longest yet shortest year of my life: by managing my spoons.

This cover is deceptively simple. It was one of the most difficult parts of this publishing process. And with that difficulty, it is also one of the most rewarding. Behind it, a team that not only championed this book but were also fiercely protective of it and my voice.

And to get to the story of today, we need to start this story one year ago when I had the call with the acting publisher, Tori Elliott.


A black cover with white text across that top that reads "Jules Sherred." Down the left in big yellow text, one word per line, "CRIP UP THE KTICHEN". Across the buttom in white reads, "TOOLS, TIPS AND RECIPES FOR THE DISABLED COOK." On the right side of the cover is a vertical spoon with a drip of honey.

I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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