Disability, Culture and Food: An Exhibit

You may have noticed that there was no recipe in February. The reasons are many from surgery, to becoming an accredited food photographer by the Professional Photographers of Canada, to preparing the launch a Kickstarter for an art exhibit I’m producing that will explore the intersections of disability, culture and food, and officially launching my food photography business and preparing to open a dedicated studio.

All of this while I also found out that for the last 20 years, I was misdiagnosed and medically mistreated. I have a bunch of new diagnoses and a a long road of diagnostic testing ahead of me.

I’m really excited for this Kickstarter project and everything that will come with it, including job creation for other disabled and marginalised people. I’m also excited for a bunch of work opportunities that have come my way recently, including being a service provider for the food hub that is coming to Vancouver Island and I’m in talks to be part of a food innovation program that is launching soon.

If you live in the Cowichan Valley, learn how you can be one of the 24 stories that will be featured in the exhibit.

And I’m still working on that cookbook! It is currently in a revise and resubmit phase.

And all of this will benefit this site!

I have another hand surgery coming up on March 9 which will delay adding more recipes for a few more weeks. But I have a huge backlog of newly developed recipes waiting to be posted.

In the meantime, please support my Kickstarter by:

  1. Funding it, if you are able. Lots of funding at the beginning of the project means more press attention and increased likelihood that Kickstarter will decide to feature it.
  2. Share it to all of your socials and share it often! This is really one of the most important things to make this Kickstarter successful so that I can hit the ground running on this exhibit.

Thanks for all of your support over the couple of years since I decided to start this little site. It has helped to bring me to where I am today in my career!

And if you want to hire me to tell your food stories, you can do that, too.

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