AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden 2: Week 17 – 18 Update

After 18 weeks of growing herbs in my second AeroGarden Sprout LED, I cut my mint way back on Week 17 and planted cumin on Week 18.

Weeks 17 and 18 maintenance was had some changes this time. I postponed Week 17 maintenance by three days because I was waiting to see if my cumin would survive in my AeroGarden Farm Plus. The cumin didn’t survive, which led to more changes on Week 18.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 17 Condition Before Harvesting Herbs

My mint and my chives continue to thrive. However, as you can almost see in the above picture, there are good portions of the mint that are starting to brown. All of that mint is original growth. Because there was were so many stems that were starting to die off, Week 17 saw a major change.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 17 Maintenance Details

On the cutting board is the chives and mint that I kept. The far right pile is all the mint that headed to the compost bin.

I got a pretty nice harvest again of the chives. The bottom of the chives are starting to grow that papery cover. The mint, on the other hand, got more than a debulking. I had to cut the mint right back, going through each stem to see if the majority of the leaves were starting to die and cutting them off if that was the case.

On the compost mint pile, I could have probably saved a fair bit of it, but I was well out of spoons on Thursday by the time I got to this garden, so compost was just easier.

As usual, I also added water and lowered the lights on the odd-numbered week.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 18 Condition Before Harvesting Herbs

There is a lot of new mint now growing at the base after last week’s major cutting.

Within 4 days, there was a lot of chive and mint growth. I thought I would have much to harvest, but that wasn’t the case. It’s also really difficult to tell in the picture, but there is a lot of new mint growth coming up from the very bottom.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 18 Maintenance Details

On Week 18, I was very impressed with how much mint I got to harvest considering how much was hacked off four days prior. I also planted some cumin this week, hoping that it will do better beside the chives where it doesn’t have to compete for light like it had to in the Farm Plus.

Aside from harvesting and planted cumin, I also added nutrients and water. Next week, I’m going to check the roots again to see if they need a trim and check the condition of the tank to see if it needs to be cleaned out.

How I Used The Last Two Week’s Maintenance of the AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden 2 for Mental Health Gains

So last Thursday, by the time I got to this garden’s maintenance, I didn’t enjoy journalling at all. If you read the updates from last week, you know my week was very full and I was without spoons. I thing I didn’t mention last week that I also learned is on what day I need to plant my second AeroGarden Farm Plus when that time comes.

Week 18’s journalling session just made me laugh at myself because my focus has been drawn to a bunch of different projects today. The result: When I came back into my garden room hours after harvesting, I noticed I hadn’t freezed my herbs. Oops. And then when I tried printing off the image, my new Polaroid Zip is acting up, so I had to get my old one working after an hour of troubleshooting with the new one.

By the time I got to my journal after being pulled between gardening, work for a client, making dog food, and trying to figure out why my new Zip is trying to feed multiple pieces of photo paper at once, it was a nice few minutes of calm and just breathing. I’m so glad I have gardening on Mondays because they can be such a bear.

And that’s all the news!

If you have any questions about the last two week’s AeroGarden maintenance, questions about using the AeroGarden for mental health benefits, or questions about AeroGarden-ing in general, please feel free to ask them in the comments!

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