AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden 2: Week 15 – 16 Update

After 16 weeks of growing herbs in my second AeroGarden Sprout LED, I think the mint is entering its second season of growth.

Weeks 15 and 16 maintenance was the same as always: On an odd-numbered week: harvest, water, and lower lights; on even-numbered week, also add a capful of nutrients. Maintenance for both Week 15 and 16 was still less than five minutes. But it was a day late because an unexpected event occurred on Saturday that threw off my entire schedule for the week by a day.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 15 Condition Before Harvesting Herbs

The mint and the chives continue to grow like weeds.

Because of how successfully my herbs have been growing, I’m already daydreaming and plotting out my next AeroGarden. The mint in my second AeroGarden Sprout LED is used in homemade dog dental chews, and it’s producing more than enough for those needs. While the chives are growing quite well, I still haven’t been able to harvest enough to replace green onions in a recipe. So, I’m antsy to start a couple more chive plants.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 15 Maintenance Details

Once again, I harvested quite a large amount of both mint and chives on Week 15. And just like on Week 13, I had to again de-bulk the mint by a fair amount. Because this mint is being used for dog biscuits, preparing for storage is super easy: Just cram it into a freezer bag since I use the stems and all for their dental chews.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 16 Condition Before Harvesting Herbs

Hiding in that mint bush are a lot of white mint leaves.

A fair amount of mint and chives grew between weeks 15 and 16, but the mint is doing a really bizarre thing: Growing white leaves. Until something even more bizarre begins to happen, or it dies, I’m taking this as a sign that the mint has entered its second growth season.

AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden #2 Week 16 Maintenance Details

A good portion of mint was harvested, but not as much as the last few weeks.

On Week 16, it was pretty normal except for noticing almost white mint leaves in the very middle of the mint bush. Other than that, it was the regular harvest, add nutrients and water, and lower the lights.

Once that was done, I prepared the mint and chives for freezing

How I Used The Last Two Week’s Maintenance of the AeroGarden Sprout LED Garden 2 for Mental Health Gains

Things are still pretty stressful right now. Sometime overnight between Friday night and Saturday morning, our fridge died. That was a very expensive unplanned for event. Not only did we have to buy a new fridge, but I had to compost a fresh grocery shop. So, I need to replace all those, which is another added expense. Because of this event, my entire week’s schedule is off by a day which makes my autistic-self very unhappy and finding it difficult to cope.

Thankfully, I got to garden today and journal and restart my routine and do my best to cope with everything being off by a day and completely throwing me off. But the time was good, even if it tricked me into thinking, once again, that it was Monday and not Tuesday.

By the end of the week, everything should be back on track and it’s great that I have gardening and journal to help my brain through the unexpected.

If you have any questions about the last two week’s AeroGarden maintenance, questions about using the AeroGarden for mental health benefits, or questions about AeroGarden-ing in general, please feel free to ask them in the comments!

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