About Disabled Kitchen and Garden

Kitchen and garden tips and tricks for the disabled, written by someone who is disabled.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with reviews that never mentioned benefits for the disabled, and reading countless kitchen and garden tips for the disabled written by the abled that were never useful, Disabled Kitchen and Garden was born.

Disabled Kitchen and Garden mainly focuses on the benefits and joys of the Instant Pot and AeroGardens, as well as tips and tricks to make cooking and gardening easier for a variety of disabilities.

About the Author

Jules Sherred is a gender noncomforming autistic disabled trans man. He has chronic neuropathy, a benign inoperable spinal cord tumour, tendonitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic migraines, and antiphospholipid syndrome — a bleeding and clotting disorder. He also has Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (C-PTSS).

He has found great physical and psychological relief in Instant Pot-ting and AeroGarden-ing. After coming up empty trying to find disability resources, written by disabled people, on how to create a disability-friendly kitchen and garden that has multiple benefits, he decided to take matters in his own hands by sharing what he has learned.

Jules Sherred © Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.
Disabled Kitchen and Garden